at Beau Rivage campsite

Whether you’re into occasional work-outs or you’re an everyday gym goer, there is a workout machine for every fitness level available, with 6 open air machines available to get you fit active !

  • Triple twister : exercise and reinforce the abdominal muscles.
  • Elliptical bike : perfect for a full cardio workout.
  • Push-Pull : Helps to develop the dorsal, pectoral, triceps, biceps and deltoid muscles.
  • Cross-trainer: Work your adductor, gluteal and quad muscles.
  • Double air-walker: Ensure the strengthening of your lower limbs while improving flexibility and well-being.
  • Machine to strengthen your upper arm and leg muscles, as well as your shoulders.
    Each one of these outdoor fitness machines is accompanied by a training plan to suit all fitness levels.

Did you know??

Exercise has many benefits. Consider it a ‘de-stressor’, allowing you to reduce stress built up throughout the day, unwinding with each movement. As a result of better blood circulation, cells can more easily regenerate. This also gives smooth, firm and toned skin.
Exercise also contributes to a positive mental attitude and improves concentration levels. With greater concentration, you will more easily be able to coordinate each of your body parts during exercise.
Do you need to improve your flexibility? These exercises will work all of your body parts and maintain (even develop) flexibility.
Joins, tendons and ligaments can become flexible really quickly, and over time exercises become increasingly easy to perform. Perfect for those of a certain age!

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