Vichy, queen of the hydrotherapy towns
Beaurivage, rentals of the utmost comfort

Queen of the thermal towns, Vichy offers unparalleled hydrotherapy expertise. Our campsite offers full comfort and heated lodgings, along with reduced hydrotherapy prices beginning in April.
Radiators, air conditioning, sheet hire, bike hire – everything to make your stay as pleasant and comfortable as possible.
You will also be able to enjoy our covered, heated pool from April onwards.

Did you know ??

The pure waters of Vichy originate at the foot of the Auvergne volcanoes. They reach a depth of more than 3000 metres, and become heated up by magma contact, filling the waters up with numerous mineral salts and trace elements.
Driven by carbon dioxide, the waters of Vichy spring naturally warm, allowing their benefits to be easily enjoyed.

The water of Vichy Célestins is the most well-known of these waters, and is free to access at its source. Named for its use as perfect everyday drinking water, it is sold bottled.

Did you know that the slightly salty taste from the Vichy Célestins water is not actually salt, but bicarbonate ? Drink it daily to counteract stomach acidity and aid digestion, whilst also brightening your complexion – you’ll have the famous ‘‘Vichy Célestins Complexion’’ !

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