Canoeing and Paddle Boarding
at Beau Rivage campsite

Head off for an hour and enjoy Lake Allier with your family on a canoe or paddle board. All you need to do is sign up at the reception, and we’ll provide you with canoes and paddles, as well as life jackets  to enjoy yourselves safely !
Canoeing or paddle boarding will bring you from the campsite right to the Bellerive bridge.

Did you know ??

Canoeing in calm water is accessible for everyone. From 7 years old, children can work on their balance and develop their strength while taking charge of the adventure with their parents.
Canoeing is an excellent outdoor activity, allowing you to enjoy the water without having to get wet! Well, for the lucky ones… 😉
Canoeing is a sport which helps to develop and strengthen your entire body. You can be sure you’ll be working on all of your physical abilities – such as coordination, spatial awareness, balance, muscle strengthening, etc… It also allows one an escape out in the fresh air.

Paddleboarding: Each year, paddleboarding attracts more and more fans who enjoy its many benefits. This relatively new and accessible sport brings leisure and nature together.
Trying paddleboarding on calm waters allows you to do so in a relaxing environment. In deep and calm waters, it is perfectly safe and quite easy to master.

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