Fishing: Lake Allier
at Beau Rivage campsite

Amateur or professional fisher ? Well get out your fishing rods ! You can fish directly from the campsite. Beaurivage offers direct access to the Vichy water area (Lac Allier).

Lake Allier is ideal to introduce yourself to fishing and its multiple techniques in fresh water.
The Allier is a category 2 river where fishing is permitted and regulated. All kinds of fishing are possible.

The river has a plethora of fish life : tench, carp, pike, zander, perch and black-bass ! In order to respect the environment, fishing here is ‘no-kill’ – all fish must be released back into the river.

More infos :

Find more information on fishing regulations on the Fédération de Pêche d’Allier website (

You can also get a compulsory fishing permit online at

Did you know ?

A main tributary of the Loire, the Allier is one of the last wild rivers in Europe. Each year, it becomes home to Atlantic salmon, who leave Greenland to come back to the Allier (where they were born) and reproduce. During this migration, they travel almost 12,000km and adapt their metabolism, in order to leave saltwater for freshwater.

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